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What is an Intrusion Detection System in Alma?

What is an Intrusion Detection System in Alma?

If you have been considering intrusion detection in Alma, you may know that it is a device or software application that monitors a network. This is done to search for dangerous activity or even policy violations. Typically, they will be collected and reported using an event management system. Although some of these systems can respond to detected intrusion upon discovery, these are known as intrusion prevention systems.

Types of Intrusion Detection

There are many different types of intrusion detection systems. These can be antivirus software or something like tiered monitoring systems. Common classifications include:

  • Network: System that analyzes incoming network traffic.
  • Host-based: System that monitors important operating system files.

Based on your needs as a company, you can also choose from the following subsets:

  • Signature-based: Detects threats by looking for specific patterns. This might include byte sequences in network traffic or known malicious instruction sequences.
  • Anomaly-based: More of newer technology, it is designed to detect and adapt to unknown attacks. This is primarily due to the explosion of malware.

Why Use Intrusion Detection

Modern networked business environments require a high level of security. This is essential if you wish to have a safe and trusted place of communication. Using these types of systems allows you to have safeguarded technology for system security. Cyber attacks will only become more intense as years go on, which means it is essential that technology continues to progress as much as the threats.

How We Can Help

At Empire Technologies, we have elevated intrusion detection in Alma. We move beyond traditional systems and move into advanced firewalls. We offer incredible network security through complete, real-time network protection. Contact us today to learn more: (469) 410-7880.

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