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What are the Pros of Empire Technologies’ Alarm Verification in Garrett?

What are the Pros of Empire Technologies’ Alarm Verification in Garrett?

What are the Pros of Empire Technologies’ Alarm Verification in Garrett?

When you have a business that you’ve worked to build from the ground up, you want to do everything you can to ensure that business remains well-maintained and undamaged. This means calling in security professionals like Empire Technologies, and then having us go a step further to reassure your security with regular inspection and alarm verification in Garrett.

When someone tries to vandalize or break into your business, alarm verification is what alerts the police to respond in record time. Most police departments will only respond to verified alarms since so many could be faked. You need our professional technicians and security experts at Empire Technologies to inspect, test, and verify your security system, inside and out, from the get-go, and regularly.

What’s Involved in Alarm Verification?

There are multiple kinds of alarm verification, but the most popular is remote alarm verification with remote access and video surveillance. The security system grants access to operators, allowing them to intervene in an incident while surveying damaging situations. They can use loudspeaker messages, flashing lights, and warnings to deter criminals, while recording the incident in real-time for police that are on the way.

Do Alarm Verifications Increase Police Response Time?

Alarm verification highlights a real threat, allowing police officers to see the kind of danger they are running into. However, there are other factors to police response time. In the United States, the average police response time is 11 to 15 minutes. Bear in mind that other factors for response time include severe traffic or other emergencies.

At Empire Technologies, it’s our job to genuinely care about your security and comfort. For alarm verification in Garrett, and a variety of other specialties, give us a call at (469) 410-7880. This is our Dallas office, where we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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