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Security Guards vs Security Cameras: Which is best for your business?

Security Guards vs Security Cameras: Which is best for your business?

Security Camera System Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino, CA

1. Which will remember incident details?

Security Guards may be able to chase away an intruder but when it comes to remembering the exact incident and details, they may have forgot some information that could be vital for the police.
That’s why Surveillance System’s win this one. Security Cameras are meant to do just this.
No matter what or when the incident might be on your property, you can always go back and review details on your system. Actual Visual record will help tremendously for police reports.

2. Who will act as a deterrent more?

Criminals don’t have much respect for the law or other people’s property. So if they are watching a guard on duty they may know how to maneuver around and avoid being seen by the guard. Security Cameras on the other hand are usually surrounding the property and there isn’t a way to get by them. Where cameras are pointed, you can bet that criminals will be thinking twice before committing to any illegal activities. Surveillance Camera’s win this one too!

3. Who will lose interest first?

Once all the employees have locked up and left for the evening, it can begin to get pretty boring being alone on the job. Security Guards are expected to maintain a high level of focus while they are patrolling the property, unfortunately thats pretty hard to do after hours.
This weakness is not shared with security cameras. Surveillance Systems are always on alert and some systems can even be activated to monitor certain areas and call the police for you when an intruder is detected. Speakers are also installed for the monitoring agents to speak down letting the criminal know to leave the property instantly. Surveillance Systems operate 100% with high level focus all day and night. Looks like Surveillance Camera’s get another win!

4. What is more cost Effective?

For a large property you will probably need more than one guard to maintain and secure the whole property. Even if you just need one guard, they will need to be paid for training, they may need some equipment that you will need to purchase, and they also may need some vacation time….that you will pay for also.

For a Surveillance System, you pay a one time payment of the equipment and installation—no training, no equipment, and no paid vacation days. Thats it!

So, if you want to ensure the safety of your business, don’t overlook the benefits of Surveillance Camera Systems vs. a Security Guard.  Empire Technologies provides the kind of security that makes it possible to protect your valuable property and your equipment from any criminal looking to make your life a little more stressful.

Let Empire help make your life a little more stress free.
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