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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

If you are looking to tighten security around a specific area in a construction site, office, home or other facility, then why not consider a perimeter intrusion detection system?

It sounds complicated and expensive, doesn’t it? Well, guess again. While setting up a perimeter intrusion detection system sounds complex, by partnering with a team of experts, you can ensure that your designated area is protected against even the toughest intruder and at an affordable cost that won’t break your budget.

A perimeter intrusion detection system is manufactured and produced with fiber optic digital technology and comes with an array of features and benefits. The team at Empire Technologies can assist with designing the best perimeter intrusion detection system with your business in mind. We will work to accommodate your specific requirements to make sure that your system meets your business needs.

Empire Technologies works to design custom security system solutions for any business of any size and in any location. We have experience in designing and installing virtually any outdoor security system across the globe. And we can help your business, too.

A perimeter intrusion detection system can be designed and installed with:

  • Power or field electronics communicating via a network
  • Fences at various lengths and distances
  • Pipes using fiber optic communications cables as sensors
  • Cameras designed to display, monitor, and control alarm signals from various units

Our range of products, services, and equipment are among the top in the security industry and require minimum maintenance on your part. If you have any issues with using the equipment for any reason, then give us a call for immediate customer support.

For more information on installing a perimeter intrusion detection system, contact the security experts at Empire Technologies. We will happily take the time to discuss your security options with you and how you might be able to benefit from a perimeter intrusion detection system. Don’t wait. Call us at (909)321-2570 today.

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