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Need Remote Site Security in Haltom City, TX? We Got You Covered!

Need Remote Site Security in Haltom City, TX? We Got You Covered!

Need Remote Site Security in Haltom City, TX? We Got You Covered!Are you struggling to secure your remote business location? Empire Technologies offers highly skilled services for remote site security in Haltom City, TX

We utilize powerful, advanced tools to secure your site remotely with access control, monitoring, and alarm systems. 

Remote Site Security

Remote site security solutions are an upgrade from traditional guarding practices. The main difference with remote systems is that they don’t have to be monitored by a team of professionals on-site.

Remote site security infrastructure includes the use of various devices and systems to secure your property. These include:

  • Cloud video surveillance
  • CCTV cameras
  • Alarm sensors
  • Mics and speakers
  • Access control systems
  • Monitoring centers
  • Recording devices
  • Analytics software
  • Power and battery backup
  • Motion-activated lighting systems

These systems are typically integrated to ensure your business operations can function smoothly.

Your remote locations are monitored from an off-site central station. This reduces the need to hire more security personnel and makes your security department’s job a whole lot easier.

How Does It Work?

The visual data from the site is captured using video cameras and sent through the internet to the monitoring station. The footage is then viewed by the security personnel deployed at the station. At this stage, depending on the severity of the problem, the security personnel would typically notify law enforcement authorities.


The best application of remote site security systems is at unmanned remote sites. However, remote site security systems can also be used on construction sites, mining sites, and warehouses that require 24/7 real-time monitoring. 

Thinking of hiring a contractor for remote site security in Haltom City, TX? Call Empire Technologies today! We’re available to discuss the details of your site and security requirements at (469) 410-7880.

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