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Need Cabling In Montclair? Check Options Here!

Need Cabling In Montclair? Check Options Here!

Need Cabling In Montclair? Check Options Here!Installing network cabling in your business is imperative to help you stay connected with all your employees. There are many benefits to the different options available. However, which cabling in Montclair is best for your situation? Discover the different options available for each type of service and see what best fits your needs.

Fiber Optic

If you have a company where a lot of electrical interference is a possibility, this the perfect option for you. This cable provides light transmission instead of electrical transmission. For those who have multiple buildings on their site, this is an excellent choice for networking the different locations.


There are two unique variations of this type of cable, including thick and thin. It is a great way to connect a network where multiple computers, fluorescent lighting, and even motors are used. It can help to block those issues that would normally interfere with the networking capabilities in a building.

Unshielded Twisted Options

There are variations of this type of cabling that provide different levels of networking capability. They come in all types from CAT1 to a CAT7 ranking. Each type of cable provides different benefits, depending on your networking needs.

To properly find and fit your buildings with the right cabling system, it’s best to work with the experts at Empire Technologies. Our tech team has been working together for years installing cabling, security systems, and more to help your business run smoothly.

Contact our offices today to discuss your options for cabling in Montclair. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to take your call and answer all your questions. You can reach our team at (909) 417-4875. We’re here to help you get connected and secure your business.

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