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maintenance agreements

maintenance agreements

Benefits Gained by going with a maintenance agreement:

  • Saves you Money –You Save $$ on Services by gaining, a FREE Service call and other discounted rates.
  • Priority Service — Protection against System down time. In the event of a system failure, we guarantee 4 hour service.
  • Reliability –Preventative Maintenance creates greater reliability. We monitor the system remotely.

Here’s what comes free:

  • FREE 1 Hour call out per 12 months.
  • FREE software/firmware upgrades Installed Remotely providing access to manufacturer released corrective software updates.
  • FREE Travel to and from site.
  • FREE Unlimited phone technical support.
  • FREE labor or hardware when manufacture defects occur.
  • FREE Priority service over non-maintenance clients.
  • FREE System data backup.
  • FREE Access to critical spare parts kept in stock by Empire Technologies Group Inc.

What’s also included:

  • Major fault technician onsite within 4 hours.
  • Minor fault technician onsite within 12 hours.
  • Adds, moves, and changes at reduced rate.
  • 24/7 Emergency response at reduced Rate.
  • Remote Programming at reduced Rate.

Without a maintenance contract:

  • We cannot offer you software support and apply critical service updates that may be required to correct specific software related issues.
  • Empire cannot guarantee a response time should you experience a failure with your system.
  • We cannot guarantee access to critical spares that may be required for part replacement should a part fail.

*Major Failure is defined as: The product’s central processor or any attached processor cannot receive or retrieve information; any attendant console cannot place or receive calls; a minimum of 20% of all telephone or data ports cannot place or receive calls or a business-affecting ACD station or group failure, a minimum of 20% of all trunks are inoperative or the lead trunk of any group is inoperative; or a previously defined prime telephone or service feature is inoperative. All other issues are defined as Minor Failures.

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