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Live Video Monitoring Solution

Live Video Monitoring Solution

Live Video Monitoring Solution Orange & Riverside County

Most of the commercial camera systems installed today are not being actively monitored after hours. Although almost all camera systems these days come with the ability for remote monitoring they are not always intelligent enough to send real time alarms to a remote monitoring center for proactive crime intervention.

Remote Video Monitoring Technology has been around for over a decade but until recently has been a very niche service. Today more and more business are taking advantage of remote video monitoring solutions and this is becoming more of a main stream approach to securing your site.

So what is Live Video Monitoring Solutions? Well let’s discuss what it should not be or what’s not effective first.  Its not a guard watching the monitoring screen waiting for something to happen. Thats simply not effective and thats been proven. Its not motion alerts on your camera system. Motion detection on a camera system especially on outside cameras is also not effective as this creates tons of flase alarms.

Effective live video monitoring helps to prevent a crime from happening by using analytics or artificial intelligence to detect a potential threat in real time.

Basically we can add this intelligence to any existing or new camera system which will allow the system to recognize a potential threat. A threat being a person, vehicle, loiterer, or intruder in a specified area at a specified time. From there this alarm or alert is sent within seconds to our 24/7 monitoring center for real time intervention.

Our monitoring center who will have access to the cameras can then verify the alarm. Once verified they respond based on the agreed directions of the customer. Most of the time the first response is a live audio talk down to the intruder via a loud paging horn on site.  From there the protocol usually requires a phone call to the customer and then a local police department dispatch.

The audio talkdown is usually very effective and most intruders are spooked enough to leave the site but if they do not leave this is now a verified alarm and therefore police departments usually respond quickly unlike an unverified burglar alarm which have a tendency for false alarms.  All of this is logged by the monitoring center and kept for your records and documentation.

The most common application for live video Monoitroing is perimeter detection and gives the business owner a more proactive approach to security by alerting a monitoring center prior to anyone reaching the buiulding. Other uses of video monitoring include: Video Guard Patrol, Video Escort, Workplace Compliance Audit, Panic Assistance Alarm, Lone Worker Assistance and Remote Guard Access Control.

What does all this mean for your business? Well if your using a guard for all this service its probably costing you more than it should especially over the long term. With camera monitoring packages starting at just $120 per month, video monitoring can be much more effective than hiring guards. Who is using Video Monitoring? Warehouse and Logistics, Home Owner Associations, Car Delaerships, Medical Facilities, Construction Sites and others.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you bring more of a proactive security solution to your business.

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