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How To Reduce Inventory Shrinkage With CCTV Security Camera Installation

How To Reduce Inventory Shrinkage With CCTV Security Camera Installation

How To Reduce Inventory Shrinkage With CCTV Security Camera InstallationIf you own or manage a retail business near Duncanville, you know that shrinkage is a big problem. It’s estimated that inventory shrinkage costs retailers billions of dollars every year. Many factors can contribute to shrinkage, but security is one of the most important. That’s why proper CCTV security camera installation is so important. Here are four ways that CCTV cameras can help reduce inventory shrinkage in your store.

They Deter Burglars and Shoplifters

 One of the most obvious ways that CCTV cameras deter crime is by providing a visual deterrent for burglars and shoplifters. When would-be criminals see CCTV cameras monitoring your store, they’re much less likely to attempt a break-in or theft. 

They Help Apprehended Criminals be Convicted

If theft or burglary does occur in your store, having CCTV footage can be invaluable in helping catch and convict the perpetrator. In many cases, criminals will plead guilty once they realize that there is irrefutable evidence against them. 

They Stop Employee Theft

 It’s not just outside criminals that you have to worry about; employee theft is also a major issue for retail businesses. But with CCTV cameras monitoring your store, you can easily catch employees stealing merchandise or money from the register. 

They Prevent False Insurance Claims

Sometimes, people will attempt to file false insurance claims after they’ve damaged merchandise in your store. But if you have footage of the incident captured on CCTV, you can quickly disprove their claim and avoid paying out any money. 

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage with Empire Technologies

One of the most significant shrinkage problems stores face is inventory theft, whether employees steal merchandise or shoplift. Investing in a comprehensive security system is crucial to minimize thefts and protect your business. 

At Empire Technologies, we offer top-of-the-line CCTV camera installation near Duncanville that can help you keep an eye on your store’s inventory. Contact us today to learn more about our security services!

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