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How Important is Intrusion Detection in Loma Linda?

How Important is Intrusion Detection in Loma Linda?

How Important is Intrusion Detection in Loma Linda?If you have ever dealt with or worried about a break-in, you might know how important security systems are. Although you might know about video and other physical security features, another form of security monitoring for your network is an intrusion detection system in Loma Linda. These systems, also known as an IDS, can be either a device or software that will monitor your network for destructive behavior. Any violation of policies or destructive behavior will be collected and reported back to you. 

Types of IDS Available

Although there are many different forms of intrusion detection systems, such as antivirus software, there are two most common types: 

  • Network IDS (NIDS): These systems analyze all incoming traffic on your network.
  • Host-based IDS (HIDS): These systems monitor all of your operating system files.

There are also more specialized forms of IDS:

  • Signature-based: Detects threats by looking for patterns. It can include byte sequences in network traffic or malicious instruction sequences commonly used by malware—anomaly-based: Designed to detect and find unknown attacks.

Why Do I Need IDS?

All modern networked businesses require security because, unfortunately, some other people or enterprises have malicious intent. This means that your business will require a high network security level to ensure safe communication of your data within your organization. Intrusion detection systems act as a method of keeping your information safe if your other technologies fail to do so. IDS will allow you to avoid cyber attacks and adapt to keep your network secure.

If you run a business and use any form of a network, then you need to keep it safe and secure from malicious intent. Contact Empire Technologies today by calling (909) 417-4875 to discuss installing an intrusion detection system in Loma Linda.

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