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How Does a Surveillance Alarm System Factor into the Security of Your Company?

How Does a Surveillance Alarm System Factor into the Security of Your Company?

How Does a Surveillance Alarm System Factor into the Security of Your Company?

When you build a company, you have to think of everything that could be the success or downfall of that business. Many will look at financial aspects and employee happiness, which are great elements to focus on, but security and safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Your employees need to know that you take safety seriously. This is the reason your business would benefit from surveillance alarm installation near Anaheim – courtesy of Empire Technologies.

Nothing in business is ever set in stone. You can plan for every scenario, but you never know what could happen. So, it’s better to plan for negatives, like thieves, vandals, and random acts of nature (tornadoes, damaging rains, etc.). The proof is the driving force when you need a payout from insurance, and surveillance systems help provide you with that proof.

While our surveillance systems are equipped with cameras, the alarm components alert you to suspicious activities. Even remotely, you can receive alerts directly to your smartphone when an alarm is triggered, or a camera catches movement or sound within your business during non-business hours.

Installation Time is Dependent on the Size of Your Business!

Empire Technologies can’t give you a cut-and-paste installation time frame without seeing the size of your business and knowing the size of your potential surveillance system. While smaller businesses of 50 employees or less could take less than a day for installation, a larger business of 200+ employees could take two to three days for surveillance setup.

We Can Teach You How to Handle Your New Surveillance System!

At Empire Technologies, we know that your business is your baby, and we want to help you care for what you’ve created. Our team specializes in surveillance alarm installation near Anaheim, and we will happily teach you how to utilize every element to protect your employees and assets better. Contact us for more information!

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