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Hire an Experienced Low Voltage Contractor in Euless, TX 

Hire an Experienced Low Voltage Contractor in Euless, TX 

Hire an Experienced Low Voltage Contractor in Euless, TX 

Choosing a low-voltage contractor in Euless, TX, is not a small task. You may think you can get away by hiring a contractor who is offering cheaper rates, but that could end up to be a mistake.

A low-voltage cabling job connects all your commercial communication devices. All of these devices run on low voltage cabling networks from computers to telephones and intercoms to alarm systems.

That is why you must choose a dependable contractor with years of experience in the industry—someone like Empire Technologies.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the infrastructure that runs low voltage cabling. Structured cabling work isn’t like any other wiring installation. It requires special knowledge that trained technicians have.

Here are a few features that make low voltage cabling different:

  • The pull tension of low voltage cables should be under 35 pounds.
  • These cables are much more delicate than other types of wiring.
  • Low-voltage wires must be looped and not bent, according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Low-voltage cabling can’t be run with your conventional wiring.

Structured cabling needs to follow guidelines like TIA/EIA-568 that specify rules regarding the data center’s design, management, and operation. 

All structured cabling systems have six subsystems:

  1. Entrance facility
  2. Equipment room
  3. Telecommunications room
  4. Backbone cabling
  5. Horizontal cabling
  6. Work area

Each of these subsystems requires specific cabling, and they play an integral role in your business needs. 

Once you realize the complexity of a low-voltage cabling task, your next step should be to hire a professional contractor familiar and experienced with low-voltage cabling.

Let Empire Technologies be your go-to low voltage contractor in Euless, TX. Call us at (469) 410-7880 to discuss your business needs further or book our service. 

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