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High-Performance Commercial Network Installation in Montclair

High-Performance Commercial Network Installation in Montclair

Is your business developing at a rapid pace? Do you need to upgrade the infrastructure to keep up with the growth quickly? As your operations expand, your network capacity needs will grow, too. When you need a 360-degree network installation in Montclair, Empire Technologies is the company you want to call.

What Does a Network Installation Project Involve?


Network infrastructure needs to be built for the long term. Calculating the network requirements, accessibility, and additional features to be installed is the first step. You also need to factor in the security needs, connections, and user requirements.

Another part of planning includes the power backup systems. Installation, capacity, storage, and access are a few components that need to be figured out before starting with the design.


This step involves determining the locations for device installment, operating system, cabling, and project infrastructure.


The last step is easier than the first two. However, that doesn’t mean there can be any slack when it comes to installation. To complete the project successfully, you need to use standard compliant hardware and install it with the help of licensed technicians.


Sometimes companies prefer hiring external services for the management of the network systems. While this might seem expensive for the company, it also eases their workload since the management team is fully responsible for the network operations, repairs, and upgrades.

At Empire Technologies, you can find a solution for network solutions in the following areas:

  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Wireless networks
  • CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 data cabling
  • Structured cabling
  • Audio and video surveillance
  • Alarm systems

Leave all your worries to us! Call us today for the best network installation in Montclair. We’re available at (909) 417-4875 for Inland Empire and (714) 750-8175 for Orange County.

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