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Full-Service Commercial Security Camera Repair in Colleyville

Full-Service Commercial Security Camera Repair in Colleyville

Full-Service Commercial Security Camera Repair in Colleyville

If you’re running a business, you know that security is a factor you can’t compromise on. This is why you must get your security cameras installed by a trusted company. Empire Technologies is here to make sure your commercial property is secure. Hire our services for security camera repair in Colleyville!

Working with a professional team will ensure a reliable repair service if something goes wrong with your systems. One of the common issues with surveillance cameras is the loss of video or stopping working unexpectedly. Here are a few known reasons why this may happen:

Common Reasons for Video Loss on Surveillance Systems

  • The camera and DVR are not compatible
  • The system needs to be updated
  • Overloading, damaged, or lose cabling might be causing insufficient power
  • Twisted or bent cabling or wiring issues
  • Interference power spikes from nearby electrical equipment or lightning
  • PoE switch and injectors aren’t functioning
  • Weak WiFi or low bandwidth
  • Signal barriers between camera and router
  • The camera is situated too far from the router
  • Faulty sensors on IR night vision
  • An old system might be bug-ridden
  • The camera was mounted on a conductive surface

Often, companies will hire uncertified technicians who don’t have enough knowledge or training to install security camera systems. This results in you suffering from constant video loss errors. Tired of having to deal with the same problems again and again? Call Empire Technologies. We’ve got experienced technicians that’ll solve your systems issues once and for all.

If you’re looking at these reasons and aren’t sure what your system is going through, let us take a look. Call us today at (469) 410-7880 for the best security camera repair in Colleyville.

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