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Guide to Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Installation Service Repair in Riverside

Any possible detection of a breach of property or perimeter is important to be aware of. If you do decide to have a perimeter intrusion detection system installation service repair in Riverside, it can help you to contact the police before your property is stolen or your staff is in danger. Although there are many different forms of perimeter detection, it is great for all different businesses.

Why Choose Perimeter Intrusion

  • Early warning detection
  • A continuous line of detection
  • Prevent intruder access
  • Quick reaction time
  • Threat analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • General protection

Key Aspects of Permiter Intrusion


This is one of the most important parts of the perimeter intrusion detection system installation service repair. Not only will you want to place barriers, but you may also want to choose a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). You can also use lighting and cameras as well.


Another important part of perimeter intrusion detection system installation service repair is identifying when an intruder is intruding. If you have higher security requirements, such as high-value assets, then you may be interested in an extreme form of detection services.


When an attack does happen, you will want to delay it as quickly as possible. This allows enough time for your security team time to respond. This might include physical barriers, protection of fencing, and internal barriers. Essentially, this includes anything to slow down an attacker.

Contact Us Today

If you consider perimeter intrusion detection system installation service repair in Riverside, call Empire Technologies today at (909) 321-2570. We can offer you an explanation as well as options to protect your business.

Understanding The Value of Commercial and Industrial Security Camera Systems in Rancho Cucamonga

Whether you own your own business, you are a project manager or an IT manager; you may have heard about commercial and industrial security camera systems in Rancho Cucamonga. Although you might have heard of these systems, you may not truly understand the value of them. Typically these systems come in the form of an HD surveillance system. They can account for losses and allow safety for your business and workers alike. Let’s look more into the value of these systems.

What is The Value of Having a Security System?

Worker Safety

By having commercial and industrial security camera systems installed at your place of business, you will ensure worker safety. Monitor who steps foot into your business at all times, and prevent the wrong people from entering the workplace.

Prevent Inventory Loss

Often a robbery will lead to inventory loss. Whether this is from those you employ or unknown persons when you have systems installed at your workplace, you can prevent this.

Avoid Vandalism

Vandalism often occurs when there are no monitoring systems in place. When you have systems in place, not only will you be able to catch those who rob your establishment, but you will also be able to catch vandals in their tracks.

How to Choose a System

There are a few different commercial and industrial security camera systems that you can choose from and a few different criteria you need to look into.

  • Cost of the overall system
  • Type of system
  • Ease of use
  • SD, HD, or 4K recording?
  • Storage options (cloud or hard disc)
  • Features
  • Maintenance options
  • Customer support

Security Camera Systems

Have you considered hiring commercial and industrial security camera systems in Rancho Cucamonga for your business? Contact Empire Technologies today at (909) 417-4875 to learn more. We can guide you through the process and understand the importance of purchasing a system to protect your business.

Commercial Access Control and Burglary Alarm Systems in Moreno Valley

Commercial Access Control and Burglary Alarm Systems in Moreno Valley

If you own a business of any kind, then it is important to have security to protect the business you have worked so hard to build. You also need to be able to allow employees to go into your space when needed. Commercial access control and burglary alarm systems in Moreno Valley can facilitate that. Do not let your business be damaged by theft. Instead keep your property, customers, and employees safe with 24/7 monitoring.

24/7 Monitoring Services

When you have commercial access control and burglary alarm systems installed, you will protect your business 24/7. This means that if something occurs in the middle of the night, or even during business hours, it will be recorded. You will be altered during any intrusions, and the authorities will be notified.

Panic Buttons

In any emergency situation, you need to be prepared. This is why it can be a very smart plan to have a panic button nearby. These can be installed around your building so your employees will feel safe at all times.


When burglars attempt to gain entry to your business, they will often break the glass. This can be prevented, or the burglars can be caught by installing sensors as part of your commercial access control and burglary alarm systems. If this does occur at any point, glass breakage or unusual shock vibrations will be altered to you immediately.

Integrated Security

Alarm systems work best when all parts of your security system work together. This means you will need cameras, complete monitoring, as well as access control.

Do you run a business that needs to be more secure? It is never a bad choice to implement commercial access control and burglary alarm systems in Moreno Valley. Contact Empire Technologies by calling (909) 321-2570 to find out more today.

How Important is Intrusion Detection in Loma Linda?

How Important is Intrusion Detection in Loma Linda?If you have ever dealt with or worried about a break-in, you might know how important security systems are. Although you might know about video and other physical security features, another form of security monitoring for your network is an intrusion detection system in Loma Linda. These systems, also known as an IDS, can be either a device or software that will monitor your network for destructive behavior. Any violation of policies or destructive behavior will be collected and reported back to you. 

Types of IDS Available

Although there are many different forms of intrusion detection systems, such as antivirus software, there are two most common types: 

  • Network IDS (NIDS): These systems analyze all incoming traffic on your network.
  • Host-based IDS (HIDS): These systems monitor all of your operating system files.

There are also more specialized forms of IDS:

  • Signature-based: Detects threats by looking for patterns. It can include byte sequences in network traffic or malicious instruction sequences commonly used by malware—anomaly-based: Designed to detect and find unknown attacks.

Why Do I Need IDS?

All modern networked businesses require security because, unfortunately, some other people or enterprises have malicious intent. This means that your business will require a high network security level to ensure safe communication of your data within your organization. Intrusion detection systems act as a method of keeping your information safe if your other technologies fail to do so. IDS will allow you to avoid cyber attacks and adapt to keep your network secure.

If you run a business and use any form of a network, then you need to keep it safe and secure from malicious intent. Contact Empire Technologies today by calling (909) 417-4875 to discuss installing an intrusion detection system in Loma Linda.

What is Cabling in La Verne and Do I Need it?

What is Cabling in La Verne and Do I Need it?

Your cable network is the wiring network that brings together your entire company. It offers you the opportunity to bring together all of the information and IT services through your office. With even one flaw in your system, you can risk inefficiency. You need cabling in La Verne to promote productivity and keep your business on track. 

Benefits of Hiring a Cabling Service

  • Experienced technicians: Feel comfortable and save that your system is in the right hands.
  • Lower costs: Reduce maintenance costs and troubleshooting costs by hiring someone with experience.
  • Equipment support: Even if you already have a system in place, a service will improve and expand it or offer support.
  • Easy expansions: As you and your business grow, so do your business needs. Rather than stay on the same system, you will need to add users, change vendors, or even implement new applications.
  • Easy troubleshooting: Our advanced services offer protection. By having a good system in place to begin with, you can avoid situations that throw your entire network. 
  • Well-designed systems: With a good design, it is easier to find any problems and fix them quickly to avoid downtime.
  • Voice and data options: Hiring a service provides you with solutions to support video and audio calling, as well as quick data transmission
  • Fiber optics: This new technology is superior compared to anything that has ever existed on the market. This is the most common and advanced type of cabling on the market.

At Empire Technologies, we are ready to support your business and any complex needs you might have. To get started implementing cabling in La Verne for your business, contact us today by calling (909) 417-4875.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Access Control and Burglary Alarm Systems in Jurupa Valley

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Access Control and Burglary Alarm Systems in Jurupa Valley

Every business should be able to secure their commercial space and prevent theft. Commercial access and burglary alarm systems in Jurupa Valley do just that. Access control systems allow you to run your business from the palm of your hand. Learn the benefits so you can let the right people into your business and keep the wrong ones out. 

Cloud-Based Access Control

Rather than require a PC or hard drive, cloud-based commercial access control and burglary alarm systems can be modified from anywhere you have internet access. You can allow access for three employees or three hundred! These systems can grow with your company and allow you to manage security without stepping foot in your facility. You can also allow access to security managers and monitor the situation from afar.

You Have Options

Access control systems come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking only for a system that can provide keyless entry for your employees or a biometric system that uses fingerprint recognition, we can help you choose what fits your business size and needs.

Change User Permissions Easily

Do you have temporary workers or a construction project happening for a period of time? You can change user permissions whenever you choose. Couple this with a burglary alarm system, and you will be sure to keep your business secure.


With commercial access and burglary alarm systems, you will receive reports on who enters your business and what time. You will know exactly when your employees take a break, when they arrive at work, and when they leave. Know who is accessing specific areas at the exact time that they do it. 

If you are interested in keeping your business secure, consider commercial access and burglary alarm systems in Jurupa Valley from Empire Technologies. Call us at (714) 750-8175.

Planning a Network Installation in Inland Empire

Planning a Network Installation in Inland Empire

Network installation in Inland Empire is a process that allows your internet to be set up through an area by use of wires. It can also include the process of upgrading a network. A network installer typically completes this process. This person is responsible for installing as well as maintaining proper computer connection networks.

If you have ever considered installing a network yourself, it may be good to learn the in’s and out’s and decide if it is something you truly want to do yourself.

How to Get Started

To begin developing a plan for your network installation, you first will need to know about your network requirements. This also needs to involve planning what your network may need in the future.

Usage Requirements

How many people will be using the network? You will also need to determine how many computers it needs to support. Consider what your network will be used for and how fast you need the speed to be. It would help if you also decided what features are important to your network.

Questions to Consider

  • What type of access will your network require?
  • Will each user have their own computer?
  • Will users need to access the network remotely?

Gather Input

To properly plan a network installation, you will want to gather input from anyone on the network. Define what you believe the group needs, and then cross-reference.

Plan for the Future

Factor in what your organization will need in the next five years. Will you hire new staff, or expand to multiple offices? If you do this now, you will reduce costs in the long run by never needing to replace your network.

Contact a Provider

Although you may think that completing your own network installation in Inland Empire is an easy task, sometimes it is better to leave it up to the professionals. For all of your network needs, contact Empire Technology by calling 909-417-4875

Why You Need Security Camera Service in Fontana

Why You Need Security Camera Service in Fontana

Commercial security cameras keep watch over your property when you can’t. Whether you are gone for the evening, weekend, or your business is on holiday or shutdown, hiring a security camera service in Fontana can allow you to feel more secure.

Deter Criminals

Although it seems odd, cameras can deter criminals from even approaching your business. Some people believe that they can put fake cameras in place of real to do this, but criminals can spot a decoy camera easily. If you have hired a security camera service, then the burglars will most likely leave your property alone and never rob it, to begin with.

Help the Police

If you do have an unfortunate incident where a burglary does occur, then your security cameras will be able to be used as evidence. Police can use your videos to find the culprit, and you can also use them as proof for your insurance company.

Monitor Your Employees or Patrons

Unfortunately, there are times when you have employees that are suspected of misconduct. This is an excellent time to have a security system installed. Additionally, if you have a retail space, then you can also utilize your cameras as a way to identify and catch people who are caught shoplifting.

Check Your Perimeter

There can be all sorts of reasons why you may want to have cameras that scan the perimeter of your commercial or industrial space. For example, if you have a dealership or storage facility, it is essential that you have a way to look out for your inventory or the belongings of your customers. Having the right security system tailored to your needs makes a significant difference.

Act Before Something Happens

Do not wait until a burglary happens as a wake-up call to install a security camera system. Contact Empire Technologies today at (909) 417-4875 for security camera service in Fontana

A Guide To Commercial And Industrial Keyless Entry Systems In Corona

A Guide To Commercial And Industrial Keyless Entry Systems In Corona

Have you ever had an employee lose their key to your commercial space? It is quite an issue because now you will have this key lost in the world that may fall into the hands of the wrong person. With many advances in technology, you may be able to avoid using physical keys altogether with commercial and industrial keyless entry systems in Corona.

What Are Keyless Entry Systems?

These types of systems for commercial and industrial entities can be used for securing various kinds of buildings and facilities. This might include schools, warehouses, corporate buildings, and other enterprises.

Going keyless offers you the opportunity to simplify the way your employees access the office or business facilities while keeping things extraordinary secured.

What Does This Type Of System Offer?

  • Improves security
  • Grants an authorized person access
  • Gives employees more control
  • Allows you to know who has accessed which area of the facility
  • Gives you peace of mind

How Does It Work?

Key fob and key card systems can be considered keyless, but they still require you to hold a physical extra device. True commercial and industrial keyless entry systems are typically done by using a smartphone. Whoever is trying to obtain access can type in the passcode, pull up a QR code, or a barcode to scan themselves into the facility. 

Are You Looking For New Installation Or Replacement?

If you have ever had any type of trouble with employees losing keys, or are simply looking for a simplified way to give out access, commercial and industrial keyless entry systems in Corona may be for you. Empire Technologies offers the most secure and best options for these systems. Contact us today for a quote by calling (909) 417-4875.

Why Organizations Need Managed Security Services in Claremont

Why Organizations Need Managed Security Services in Claremont

Due to security becoming more of an issue globally, more organizations are turning to managed security services in Claremont. Third-party providers typically offer these services so that businesses can have an outside entity handle all the security processes. Whether these services are taken care of physically on-site or remotely via the cloud, they can be extremely beneficial.

What Do Managed Security Services Do?

Also known as MSSPs, these companies offer many different security services.

  • Set up security management or incident response.
  • Specialize in specific areas of security
  • Outsource enterprise’s information security program
  • Offer peace of mind

Why Do Organizations Use MSSPs?

There are various reasons why an organization would want to work with a managed security service. One reason might be the lack of resources a company has to conduct their own security practices. Some companies may even need help in a specialized form of security, such as data protection or monitoring outside of regular work hours. MSSPs can respond to incidents, pursue investigations, and even conduct security audits.

Benefits of Hiring Managed Security Services

The most crucial benefit of using these forms of security services is the expertise that you will gain. Not only will you learn more about your organization, but you will also be provided with more staff to accommodate your security needs. 

These types of security companies can also work on your security with minimal invasion of your privacy. With impressive communication and up-to-date knowledge, you always know you will be getting the best security options on the market.

Do not delay in getting your security updated. With the most advanced and knowledgeable managed security services in Claremont, contact us at Empire Technologies today at (909) 417-4875.

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