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Added Peace Of Mind With Video Alarm Monitoring in La Verne

Added Peace Of Mind With Video Alarm Monitoring in La Verne


Added Peace Of Mind With Video Alarm Monitoring in La VerneWhether you realize it or not, virtually every business you visit utilizes some type of surveillance system. From banks to restaurants to parking lots and clothing stores, companies are making sure that their premises are safe by using video alarm monitoring in La Verne. Unfortunately, the days of simply locking the door have long-passed and technology has answered the call.

There are many advantages to installing recording devices, both at home and at your business:

  1. They prevent theft and vandalism, especially when placed in view of visitors or customers.
  2. The video is run in real time, so you can continuously see who is on your property via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Multiple sites can also be set up to communicate on the same network.
  3. Employees are likely to be more productive if they know they are being “watched.”
  4. Resolve disputes with staff or customers with video of any incident that may occur.
  5. You will have evidence for your attorney in the event of a crime.
  6. Video surveillance footage can be stored and pulled up whenever you need it.
  7. Customers and employees will feel safer knowing that there are always “eyes” on them.
  8. A system can save you money, as it costs less than full-time security personnel, and it works effectively even when a business is closed or no one is at home.

For optimum safety and security for everyone who enters and exits your home or business, you have the option of installing video alarm monitoring in La Verne. The techs at Empire Technologies are ready to answer your questions about effective building surveillance and install the perfect system for your home or your company. Contact us today at (909) 321-2570.

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