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Access Control in Eastvale

Access Control in Eastvale

Access Control Access Control

There are many different ways to help protect your business when it comes to security. Businesses that feel they need a higher level of authentication and security often opt for access control systems. Especially if you have a few employees, access control systems ensure that only designated persons are able to enter your building, or specific rooms within the building. If you’ve been considering installing access control in Eastvale, look to Empire Technologies for all of your security needs.

There are several different types of access control systems. While some use a numeric keypad (for example, each person entering has an individual 4-digit or larger code), others use an access card with a magnetic strip. Clients have found both to be worthwhile options when it comes to securing entry points. If you use a keypad, then only those persons with the code can gain access. If you use a card, then only persons with an authorized card or badge can gain access.

In the unfortunate case of an employee being terminated or decide to leave their position with the company, their access can be revoked immediately. This takes away the likelihood of anyone having keys made to enter the business on a later, unauthorized date. These types of control systems also let you know exactly who was in the building or a specific room at what time. Should a problem ever occur, you can access a simple printout of who had access to the building at the time. You can also bundle security packages with CCTV systems or alarm systems.

To learn more about access control in Eastvale, call Empire Technologies today at (909)321-2570 to speak with a member of our professional staff. You’ll be glad you did.

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