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4 Tips for Security Camera System Installation in Colton

4 Tips for Security Camera System Installation in Colton

4 Tips for Security Camera System Installation in Colton

Once used solely for banks and museums, security camera systems are now everywhere. With an estimated 3.7 million burglaries that occur each year, it makes sense why many business owners are looking to have a security camera system installation in Colton installed for their commercial space. 

Despite this, a poorly installed security system is almost the same as having no system installed at all. Here are some handy details to consider when having your new security system installed:

Placement is important

The placement of your security camera is incredibly important. Although 34% of burglars actually use the front door, you most likely want to monitor areas that intruders might look to sneak into. This might include exterior areas such as the front door, back and side doors, the parking area, or alleyway. Interior areas to cover would include common areas, back storage, and any hallways. 

Where not to install a security camera

There are several relevant laws that govern the use of cameras, but these vary from state to state. Keep it safe and avoid anything that might violate a neighboring businesses’ privacy. This will help you to avoid having to undo your installation. 

Although it might be rather tempting to have your security camera system installation done in all rooms of your business, always avoid doing so in bathrooms or changing areas if you run a clothing store. 

Decide if you want your cameras to be visible or hidden

Visible security cameras are actually very effective when attempting to deter burglars. Alternatively, having visible cameras can also give burglars the opportunity to vandalize cameras before planning a break-in. Consider installing a fake decoy camera, and having a real camera concealed. 

Never point your camera at a light source

Try to avoid pointing a camera at either a lamp, light fixture, or even a bright window. This can ruin the image quality and cause the footage to be washed out. If you must have your security camera system installation performed so that a camera faces a window, place the lens as close as possible to the glass. This can help to avoid washout.

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