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3 Reasons Your Server Room Shouldn’t Look Like a Rat’s Nest

3 Reasons Your Server Room Shouldn’t Look Like a Rat’s Nest

Empire Server Room

Does your Server Room look like this?

With cabling scattered from one shelf to another and equipment piled on top of more equipment, your Server Room may look like this “rats nest”.

When we start helping new customers, sometimes they have the idea that since no one ever enters the Server Room or there are no problems on the outside, why does it even matter if it looks like a mess on the inside? Who cares? You should!

3 reasons why your Server Room shouldn’t look like a rat’s nest:

  1. It costs you money to replace equipment over and over again

    Heat kills electronics. When you have cables and equipment bunched up together in a closet without proper heat management, you shorten the life of all that equipment, which includes your main server that you spent lots of money on.
  2. It causes your business down-time

    Un-productive employee hours are inevitable with an unorganized server room that can cause your phone or computers to go down, leaving your employees and staff members unable to work or be productive.
  3. It costs you time and money for service calls

    Whether you have a loose or misplaced cable or defective equipment, it takes valuable time to contact your repair technician and schedule them to come resolve the issue. And with a “rat’s nest” server room that might take the technician hours to locate the problem and repair it.

If your server room looks like this mess, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. However, we would be more than happy to help eliminate this business risk for you.

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