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3 Common Mistakes that IT Departments Make When Relocating a Business

3 Common Mistakes that IT Departments Make When Relocating a Business

Relocating a business is quite complex when considering how to restructure the IT system. Below is a list of 3 common mistakes that are made by IT professionals that should be avoided if possible:

3 Common Mistakes that IT Departments Make When Relocating a Business

  1. Do Not Assume Liability for Carrier Services Delivery and Logistics.

What is important to remember is that carriers such as AT&T and Verizon never follow their schedule installation times. They come and go as they please, make critical errors in order details, and never have a reliable schedule. As a result of this, an IT professional who makes unrealistic promises based on the schedules of these companies is making their professional reputation look flawed. Thus, it is recommended to not take the responsibility for the service coordination. It is best to outsource this to a third party that can rely on.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Tell Your Staff to Expect Some Downtime

What senior management has to realize is that in order for an IT system to be implemented properly, there is going to have to be some downtime and the results will not be immediate. To avoid conflict, tell the staff your scheduled downtimes even if you plan on keeping the system running. This will allow you to have less complaints and miscommunications.

  1. Take the Necessary Time to Properly Plan the Project

Relocations can be rushed at times. Many mistakes occur when there is a lack of planning between the IT department and the senior management team. Usually it is best to discuss the following: new floor plan, complete list of employees and work stations, system backups that are required, server capacities for adding new personnel, necessary upgrades, the requirements of the new software, network switch capabilities, and relocation timeline.

Having a team that guides your IT department and senior management team is a major asset. At Empire Technologies, we specialize in this process and can be a great asset to implement our location in the most effective way possible.  For more information or to schedule a free quote, give us a call today at (909)321-2570

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