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15KVA / 15KW 3 Phase Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS Protecting Critical Server Rack

Check out photos below of this 15KVA / 15KW 3 phase Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS (uninterruptible power supply) protecting a critical server rack from power outages, surges, and voltage fluctuations. The installation was completed by Empire Technologies, (909) 417-4875, empiretechs.com in Southern California. Total installation from delivery to power up took under 6 hours including wiring the 3 phase output panel, conduit installation, circuit/receptacle installation, and testing/verification of functionality.

The UPS is fed by a 45 amp 3 pole breaker. The UPS output feeds a 3 phase panel which then splits the 3 phases into 3 separate 120 volt single phase circuits. Each of those circuits feeds it own duplex receptacle for the server rack (seen below). All 3 phase systems available from Battery Backup Power, Inc. can be found at and purchased from: https://www.backupbatterypower.com/blogs/news/15kva-15kw-3-phase-battery-backup-power-inc-ups-protecting-critical-server-rack

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