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Commercial Access Control and Burglary Alarm Systems in Ontario

Making sure your business is protected is paramount, no matter the size of your business or where you’re located. One of the things business owners may not think about, especially if it’s a small business, is enhanced burglar alarm systems or security systems. Not only can access control systems thwart crime, but they can also prevent ex-employees from gaining access to your buildings with the use of keys or other means. If you’ve been considering commercial access control and burglary alarm systems in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place with Empire Technologies.

We can offer you different types of systems that meet the need of your particular business. There are various access control systems you can use to make sure only those who are supposed to have access can gain entry. A push-button access control system is one of the most popular types, where users type in a code that’s specific to them. Should they be terminated or no longer have access to the building, they can’t use their code. There are also fingerprint access control systems, as well as those that use a card or a badge to gain entry.

We also have different burglar alarm types to suit your needs. Alarms can be connected directly to the access systems as well, and we can also hook up security cameras to make your business even more secure. For business and commercial sites, perimeter and CCTV cameras are great choices.

To learn more about commercial access control and burglary alarm systems in Ontario, contact Empire Technologies today at (909) 417-4875 to speak with a member of our professional team.

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