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Commercial and Industrial Phone Installation in Corona

Commercial and Industrial Phone Installation in Corona

One of the areas you’ll always need a landline is in industry. Perhaps in the future, everything will go digital, but as of 2018, you still need functional and durable landlines to connect with customers and vendors around the world, facilitate sales, and to help extend your brand. However, in this digital age, you may not know where to turn when it comes to installing a new phone line, specifically if you’ve just purchased new space. If you’ve been looking for commercial and industrial phone installation in Corona, look no further than Empire Technologies.

As experts in the business, we’ve been in the landline and telephony business for years, and can help you figure out what type of infrastructure you need to install. Perhaps you’d like to combine both your internet (data) line and your phone (voice) line. In this case, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) would be the most economical choice for you. Perhaps you’ve used PBX or Key Systems in the past, and want to continue with that route.

If you have a current system that requires an upgrade or is falling into disrepair, we can help you also. Our techs are well versed on every type of landline and phone system there is, and even if it’s an old system, we can repair it for you – or upgrade it, if it need be.

As we also specialize in other areas, such as security systems, fiber optics, cabling, networking, and audio/video, we can also help you improve your entire office space with many different features.

To learn more about commercial and industrial phone installation in Corona, or to schedule an appointment, call Empire Technologies today at (909) 321-2570 to speak with a member of our staff.

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